What is a Medley Song?

The definition of different types of medley, how medley boosts creativity and composing a medley song.

When someone mentions medley, what is the first medley song that comes to your mind? Most often than not, people enjoy listening to medley songs because of the memories it brings to the listener. Medley is usually a song made up of a few different songs. Most of the time, it contains a specific genre or a theme. For example, a medley of movie soundtracks often transports you back to your favourite scenes from these movies. 

A pop song medley is generally a song with lyrics that you can sing along. But medley can also be recreated with instrumental music (one without the vocal). A medley of instrumental music usually helps in elevating the mood. It makes good accompaniment music for acoustic singing too.

You can create a medley of instrumental music with just one monophonic musical instrument like the violin, guitar or saxophone or with a combination of two that produces a great harmony. A piano, be it acoustic or digital, is a great solo instrument. It can act as a complement to other musical instruments. The popular combination? The violin and piano!

Definition of Medley

The dictionary defines medley as a varied mixture of people or things. In music, a song medley is a collection of songs in one song. We play all these different songs together, in sequence.

A medley contains at least three songs and above. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can overlap these songs instead of playing them one after another. An original song arrangement for a medley is called a medley song. If someone covers the medley song, it is known as a medley cover.

Importance of Medley Song

Why does medley exist?

Medley is a great way to tweak popular oldies. Imagine you get to play ten songs in just 3 minutes! Sounds challenging but fun, huh? 

Most importantly, a medley plays an exciting role in boosting musical creativity, ear training (listening skill) and composing. How? Try to recompose and rearrange soundtracks from your favourite drama into a song. When creating the flow of this medley, you may need to use some creativity in changing the tune and melody. Or, you may need to re-write the song out of memory because a score is not available.

Play a Game with Medley Song

📸 : String Soul’s YouTube
Disney piano medley song arranged by our own teacher.

We have created a fun medley cover, a Disney piano medley, posted on our YouTube channel. Watch the video here. Can you guess the songs in this piano medley? Of course, with the hints given, it is easy to guess. What if you only get to listen to the audio. Are you able to point out all the songs correctly? 

Yes, a medley can be fun too. You can play this guess-the-song game with your children. We bet they’ll love it!

Arranging a Medley Song

When arranging a medley, you need to understand the difference between a song and a medley. Generally, a song contains the same mood throughout the song. A sad song remains sad until the end. A happy song is still a happy song when it ends. In a medley, the mood and flow do not have to be this consistent. It is also not about patching up songs into one but leaning towards a change of melody or rhythm, so the medley sounds seamless when played together. 

The flow plays a crucial role in a medley because it allows you to tell a story. Begin the song with a prologue, then move on to a cheerful start to an exciting peak of the story, then slowly descend and end the song with a sad ending. Or how you like it to be by combining different songs.

Nevertheless, a medley is still a musical composition, consisting of different tunes or elements that are rearranged smoothly as a new song. It involves song selection, structuring and last but not least, exploring the possibilities of adding other elements.

Five medley song ideas to get you started in your first medley composition.
Here are some ideas to help you create your first medley song!

In conclusion, a medley song really isn’t just about playing your favourite songs at once. There is more depth to a medley and why people actually create them. Medley is a great way to bring oldies back to life again. It boosts creativity for people who try to compose a medley or rather a story. That is also why people enjoy medley songs, a song that narrates a story. 

Can’t decide what songs to learn next? Maybe you can request a special arrangement from your teacher!

If you’re still hesitating on whether online music learning is something for your children, let’s read on about the differences and how you can improve their online learning experience. You’ll want to register for a trial lesson right away!

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Kick start your musical journey
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