How To Nurture Musical Interest Through Korean Drama Soundtrack

Grow your child’s interest in music through their favourite Korean drama soundtrack or just any of their favourite songs!

Many of us parents secretly hope our children have a skill or hobby that they are interested in or eventually, they will pick up the interest along the way. Be it peer pressure or just wishing we are able to discover a talent in them. To be honest, all we want is the best for our children. Here’s a useful tip if you’ve wanted your child to learn a musical instrument. Develop their love for music through shows that they love like Korean drama soundtrack! That’s the easiest way to bring out their interest.

Also, see how you can encourage your child in their musical learning journey.

List Your Favourite K-Drama!

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Learn music through your favourite Korean drama soundtrack, Forecasting Love and Weather.

Do you keep a list of your favourite Korean dramas? Or, simply any TV shows or series that you like. Well, most of us do, especially we’re all into K-dramas! Among the list, Hotel Del Luna seems to be our favourite of all, which includes Taxi Driver, Move to Heaven, Hospital Playlist and the most recent All of Us Are Dead.

Once you’re into one K-drama, it makes you want to keep watching more and more! But do you know what makes Korean drama packed with so much punch and so addictive? Was it the twisting plot, the exciting storyline or the acting? Well, it’s definitely the accompanying soundtrack that makes them stand out! 

Without further ado, let’s see what are some of String Soul’s favourite Korean drama soundtracks!

Top 5 Favourite Korean Drama Soundtrack

To us, a great k-drama must have an equally great drama soundtrack that tells the story even better. They do complement each other in some of the scenes and evoke emotion, making some scenes appear to be even more heart-wrenching. Don’t you agree?

Our favourite drama soundtrack in piano by Shin Giwon.

Hotel Del Luna (2019)

The romantic storyline gets you easily hooked on this drama yet packed with fantasies that give you enough room for imagination. One thing about the soundtracks for this haunting yet beautiful drama is that the full album comprises great pieces from talented artists. Each song represents different scenes and emotions so well they complement each other! Our favourite has got to be ‘All About You’ by Taeyeon!

📸 : String Soul’s Facebook Post
Fun Facts about the casts of Hospital Playlist. Background music played by String Soul!

Hospital Playlist (2020)

No one ever does a hospital series like Hospital Playlist. Why? The storyline is packed with many heartwarming scenes, the close-knit relationship between family and friends, and life and death within the hospital. What we always look forward to is the jamming time! We have absolutely many favourite songs out of the 2 seasons but to pick one out, ‘Me to you, you to me’ by Mido and Falasol is the one!

Taxi Driver (2021)

An action-packed drama with sleek moves from Lee Je Hoon every time he helps victims seek justice. That’s also how the opening theme ‘Silence’ by YB became a hero theme to us. The drama reflects how Korean society faced injustice with powerful criminals who get away easily with their evil deeds and how one should stand up for themselves if they want justice. The full drama soundtrack represents exactly that. How motivating. Music cue!

Prelude No.1 in C Major by Bach performed by String Soul’s teacher! Also one of the songs in Han Geu-Ru’s playlist.

Move to Heaven (2021)

It’s not only about the unique job as trauma cleaners but the drama uncovers the stories behind each deceased and the touching plot of each story. The best part of the show is the healing classical soundtrack that Han Geu-Ru put on each time he started cleaning. The classical pieces gave each story a calming effect knowing the deceased had a proper send-off at the end. Now we have a better appreciation towards ‘Claire de Lune’ by Claude Debussy. 

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

This has got to be the most exciting Netflix drama for us as they focus the entire 12 episodes on a group of students being trapped in school trying to escape from zombies. The song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ made a strong impression as the song symbolises the friendship between the students. Even if it’s a simple humming by the boys, they touched our hearts. Similarly, we’d like to believe you feel the same too!

Start Learning Music

From Your Favourite Drama Soundtracks!

Now that we’ve presented our favourite soundtracks and shared them with you, it’s time you do the same! Encourage your child to learn music from the songs they love, especially Korean drama soundtracks because who doesn’t? You’re welcome to request to learn the songs from their teacher. Nevertheless, if you’re still new to learning music, let them strengthen their basics so they can learn in no time! Regardless of the skill level that you have, don’t give up learning music because perseverance and motivation will bring you somewhere high. 

If you’re still looking for the right music lesson, register from this FREE lesson link here so we can find you the right teacher according to your child’s learning needs.

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Kick start your musical journey
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