Music Activities for the Holidays

Sharing some exciting music activities for this holiday, suitable for family!

Children love celebrating holidays, right?! Perhaps it’s because they escape from the classroom setting or break free from their homework. But, of course, it could also be a memorable time for them because they can embark on new adventures! For us parents, the holidays are an opportunity to create new memories before our children grow too quickly. Either way, holidays are a great time to try some new music activities on either side of the spectrum!

Before we jump into the write-up, it’s great to discuss why we should try some of these activities. We encourage parents to embody a musical lifestyle within their families if you’ve read our previous blog post. Sure, practices sessions and classes are essential. But, musical exposure and new adventures work wonders when it comes to inspiring children.

It’s like when we travel to a new country, and it opens new horizons. We get inspired, come back fresh into our work, recharged, and ready to take on new challenges. So, okay, back to our children, and we can save holidays for another time.

Orchestras, and their Grandiose

This image features the Princeton University Orchestra performance
📸: Princeton University Orchestra

With most of the world heavily affected by the pandemic, many renowned orchestras worldwide have published performances online. They are beautiful projects put together with hard work, all for free viewing. Now, orchestras are a great way to get children into the realm of music. It’s one of the posh music activities accessible through a screen!

Orchestral pieces have a beautiful story, unique tone colors, and they allow children to dream. They enable children to imagine and paint a deck, associating each music part to different pictures. Children are amazed at the grandiose scale of performance and are often fascinated with the cool-looking instruments. Great way to get them hooked!

These are some of our favorites. The London Philharmonic Orchestra features some brilliant works. If you’re curious about orchestral instruments, check out this one from the Sydney Opera House. If you want to watch some cool snips, check out the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. The choices are never-ending!

Movies and everything Musical

Okay, I’m sure our children have watched Frozen, and perhaps up to 10 times at this point. But, there is another realm of magic beyond the world of Frozen. Musicals are a great way to start for our younger children, who may get overwhelmed by the grandeur of orchestras.

There are a plethora of animated musicals to watch. Take some classics like Mulan, Mary Poppins, and The Lion King. What about Moana, Aladdin, Coco, and all those new ones? If your children are intrigued, you can explore live musicals like The Sound of Music, as well as movies like Enchanted. The Broadway Musical Home shares a list of musicals, its overview, as well as age recommendations.

Show them what’s it like to sing and dance by the street and the smiles of everyone performing. Then, let them sing and dance by the living room while they twirl in their cozy blankets from movie nights. Don’t limit the possibilities of your children in discovering what they love. Music is more than playing the right notes. At String Soul, we give them great opportunities to discover what they love about music. Get your Free Trial here!

Singing your heart out with Karaoke Time

Moving on, we’re sharing one of our crowd’s favorite music activities to have during the holidays. It works wonders for a sleepover when cousins are around or the afternoon when their friends are over. Do you know those little children mics that come in various colors as well as their little stands? Yes. Children love that.

YouTube has a wide range of musical genres from Western pop, Chinese pop, Korean pop, cartoon themes, and even nursery rhymes. Make it an activity with your child where you keep track of points and give extra stars if they dance along or show you cute killer moves. Let them dress up in their favorite costume and hold their favorite props too. As parents, join them! Be in the sport as well, and sing to your favorite classics. It’s a great way to bond together and share new memories, all from the comfort of your own home.

Do check out these amazing ideas by Kidadl on hosting your Child’s Karaoke Session! If you want to spice it up to Level 2, The Spruce has challenging yet fun ideas!

Trusty DIY Activity Time

This activity is definitely a smile-inducing one. If you are a Pinterest Parent or those with an extended newsletter subscription on parenting, chances are you’ve come across one of these activities. What about actually downloading, printing, and doing them with your child? When it comes to musical activities, we recommend the hands-on ones like those that will get your crafty and glittery or full of paper scraps.

These are some DIY musical activities to try out with your little ones.
🎨 DIY Musical Activities for our Little Ones

If you are in an artsy household, you should try out musical finger puppets! But, if you’re looking for discoveries, try DIY musical instruments. Say you prefer a calmer session, try decorating their spaces with musical posters. These activities can help refine our children’s motor skills while enjoying music. As we all know, extracurricular activities help children develop their minds in all aspects, be it cognitive development, speech, and language, or fine motor development. Try to intertwine different subjects and activities to keep these skills sparked.

Just try, try and try!

Alright, that brings us to the end of the list today. We know there are abundant activities yet to be mentioned. But for now, these activities seem like a great start to try out each weekend approaching the school holidays in December. If you’re curious about ways to encourage participation, we share these tips within our Parent Community Group on Facebook. Hope to see you sharing your activities there!

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